I recently sat in on the #DoveDayatHome online event and was reminded that as moms, we model self-confidence to our kids. They learn how to have a healthy self-esteem by seeing us embrace our bodies – the good, the freckly and the wobbly! And so, knowing this, we need to be really intentional about what we say about ourselves when their little ears are listening in.

One way that we can be intentional is by reminding our girls that they are unique and special, just the way they are. I was inspired by Sthandiwe Kgoroge and her daughter, Zanda who shared the positive affirmations that they say together daily. They are:

  1. I’m beautiful
  2. I’m brave
  3. I’m kind
  4. I’m smart
  5. I’m creative

I’ve started saying these with Kira to build up her positive self-talk and have added ‘I’m loved’ as number 6. Positive affirmations hold incredible power and when they are repeated consistently, can lead to an increase in positive self-esteem. Affirmations can be written down, read out loud or memorised and be incorporated into your child’s daily routine. If your daughter comes across an affirmation that she doesn’t believe to be true about herself, you could use it as an opportunity to have a conversation around what that affirmation really means and build into that area of her life. Some days Kira will repeat the affirmations after me boldly and loudly and with her usual sass but today she chose to say ‘I’m ugly’ instead of ‘I’m beautiful’. It’s so important that we use our words to build up our daughters. *This blog post is about the affirmations that Kira and I have started saying together, but it is necessary and important for boys too!

For the past 16 years, the Dove Self-Esteem Project has been on a mission to reach millions of young people to help shatter beauty stereotypes, build body confidence and inspire them to feel empowered and included. Their mission is to ensure that the next generation grows up enjoying a positive relationship with the way they look – helping young people raise their self-esteem and realise their full potential. So far, they’ve reached over 60 million young people in 142 countries, becoming the largest provider of self-esteem education in the world. But they’re not stopping there, they’ve committed to reach ¼ billion by 2030.

Dove have partnered with leading experts in the fields of psychology, health and body image to create a programme of evidence-based resources including parenting advice to help young people form healthy friendships, overcome body image issues and be their best selves – you can take a look at all the Dove Self-Esteem Project resources here, plus a recording of the #DoveDayatHome event on the Dove Facebook page.

And now for a giveaway! Here’s how you can enter to WIN a Dove hamper valued at R2000 filled with some Dove products and all things uplifting and confidence building:

  1. Hop over to the Facebook post about this giveaway on Heart Mama Blog & give it a like
  2. Comment & let me know how you are helping your child grow a healthy self-esteem – share a daily affirmation that you say together or perhaps a book that you read to your child where they see themselves represented.

The competition closes on Thursday 19 November at 12h00 and the winner will be selected via Random.org. The winner drawn must have followed all necessary steps above in order to qualify for the prize and live in South Africa. The prize will be delivered directly to the winners by Dove. Good luck everyone!

*This post is sponsored by Dove.

6 comments on “Say These Self-Esteem Affirmations With Your Daughter PLUS Win With Dove”

  1. My toddler is 22months old. I always get on my knees, to be eye-level with him and tell him: “You are smart, you are brave, your momma loves you very much”. Everyday. We also never hide the fact that he is adopted. I always tell him momma prayed long and hard for you, you were born from my heart.

  2. My eldest has an issue with self esteem and we have a mantra we constantly repeat – “She believed she could..so she did”. She has a bag and a bracelet with this on and the affirming message is pinned up next to her bed

  3. I always use these words – “I always share.”
    “I am kind.”
    “I am smart.”
    “I am loving.”
    “I am unique.”
    “I am helpful.”
    “I am calm.”
    “I am strong.”
    “I am thankful.”
    “I am joyful.”
    “I have everything I need.” “I am my own person”

  4. My youngest child is 11 years old. She and I were in an accident 3 years ago and she broke her femur bone..it was my worst nightmare, a month in hospital, losing out on half of grade 2 and she was in a wheel chair. She now as an over active thyroid, shes not confident and always wants to be on her own. Shes in her room when visitors come over, she doesn’t like to be around any1 and even when I take her to my mom’s place, she runs upstairs to be away from us. I always tell her that shes my special child, shes my youngest, and a miracle child, I had complications, it was a high risk pregnancy. And I always tell her that she is so lucky that shes walking and we survived that accident ordeal. I tell her all the time that shes Special.

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