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Meet Your Child’s New Best Friend: Lebo the Lion

Roarrrr! These kids are kind, smart and strong just like NutriDay Junior’s cute little mascot, Lebo the Lion. My kids will put up a fight to eat the tub with the picture of Lebo’s face on it – oh the power of advertising! Lebo loves to play, learn and eat NutriDay Junior because it tastes delicious and it gives him the boost that he needs to do all his favourite things. He’s a great little role model.Continue Reading

“Is it Snack Time Yet?”

Endless school holidays (thanks Covid) means that it’s alwaaaays snack time… If the kids aren’t asking “Is it morning snack time yet?” repeatedly then it’s “What’s for lunch?” or “Is it afternoon snack time?”. With experience over the years, we’ve learnt that it’s a good idea to keep some healthy snacks on standby that the kids can help themselves to without having to first ask permission – snacks like apples, bananas and also a yoghurt tub a day.Continue Reading

Say These Self-Esteem Affirmations With Your Daughter PLUS Win With Dove

I recently sat in on the #DoveDayatHome online event and was reminded that as moms, we model self-confidence to our kids. They learn how to have a healthy self-esteem by seeing us embrace our bodies – the good, the freckly and the wobbly! And so, knowing this, we need to be really intentional about what we say about ourselves when their little ears are listening in.Continue Reading