So, sometimes bloggers blog and sometimes we hop into an Uber to the #CTmeetup and hang out together and talk about blogging. Earlier this month I went to my first #CTmeetup hosted by Cindy Alfino from 3 Kids, 2 Dogs & 1 Old House. It was great to meet some faces behind the blogs and try to connect the who’s who in the zoo dots.

It was a rather raucous occasion as many bloggers are larger than life in real life and also there was wine. And although this event wasn’t just for Mommy bloggers, many of us in the room were moms who were relishing in an afternoon off from wiping snotty noses and endlessly pouring juice into sippy cups. They say blogging is ‘an escape’ but if you ask me it’s the blogging events on weekends that are really what we look forward to the most.

This is what went down at Eat on Main in Obs on that sweltering Saturday earlier this month:

-I had my iron levels checked by Spatone and was surprised that my reading was 12.7 (anything below 12.5 needs some help). I’ve been a vegetarian since I was in Sub A and have lived my whole life believing that my iron levels are super low, but they’re not. Good news.

I hung out with some pretty rad people, forgive me while I name drop quickly: Leigh from Red Lips & Darling Adventures, Lindsay from Love Made Me, Mandy from Pregnant in Cape Town, Meg from Boring Cape Town Chick, Nicola from 3 Trolls Mom and also the lovely Belinda from Making Mountains (she just moved from Joburg to be closer to the best mountain here in CT).

We learnt a thing or two about blogging and knowing our worth from Webfluential’s own Ruan & Sam. Also that it’s not a good idea to procrastinate. I’m a procrastinator, sigh. And then we ate.

I won a prize! I won a voucher for 3 x custom made t-shirts from Love Made Me. Check out her website for baby bodyvests and t-shirts from 1-12 years – if you have any designs, prints or ideas in mind you can send them to Lindsay and she will make it happen for you. Each item is priced at 100 bucks and so you can’t go wrong. It’s a great idea for a personalised gift. Hint hint.

I went home with a goodie bag filled to the brim with awesome products to try and a bottle of Excelsior Merlot from Robertson. TOP TIP: If you’re not a blogger, make friends with a blogger today because sometimes we can be generous and share our goodie bags with friends. True story. At the very least you might get a glass of wine out of the friendship.

It was a good day, folks. Thankful for new blogging friends and this little community of bloggers who are the online movers and shakers in Cape Town.



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