As a mom I soon discovered that my kids’ lives revolve around their birthday and party suggestions – they talk about their birthdays tirelessly and are forever declaring out loud who can and can’t come to their party. It’s relentless. Kira had been talking about turning four for the looongest time and her party theme requests ranged from ‘kitty cat’ to ‘Barbie’ to ‘Princess’, favouring the last two options. I wasn’t keen on either option, mostly because the party decor available in the shops flashes blonde Barbies and Disney princesses who look nothing like my beautiful daughter. I was at a loss and wondering how I could satisfy her desire for a princess party, yet use it as an opportunity to affirm her beauty. Also, I wanted to keep things simple and had planned to host the party for a few school friends in our back garden.

Lucky for us Sibahle Collection came to the rescue as they’ve recently launched matching party dresses for little girls and their gorgeous dark skinned dolls – Buhle and Bontle. The colourful dresses are designed with a combo of African print and brightly coloured tulle – perfect for a four year old African Princess! Thank you Sibahle Collection for being the inspiration behind Kira’s African Princess Party. *The little girl dresses will be available online soon.

Here’s how Kira’s African Princess Party went down:

Buhle in her Sibahle Collection party dress, sitting centre stage

Lots of pink food for our pink-obessed daughter

I made up some bunting on the party morning with some R25 a metre cotton print fabric from Fabric World and a stapler. I was hoping to purchase some pink patterned shweshwe material for the bunting and tablecloth, but the cotton print fabric was better priced and matched Kira’s party dress pretty well.

Party friends playing in a castle tent, borrowed from a friend when we realised that the jumping castle was a no-show.

Who knew how many kids could fit onto a trampoline all at once, without tears.

The kids made necklaces with fruit loops threaded on pink wool. It was a win!

Moral of the story – it is possible to host a kids party at home, even if you have a small garden. 

(Spot the kids’ awesome new jungle gym from The Poleyard)

This ice cream cake took 15 mins to make – I let the ice cream melt a bit and then moulded it into a heart shape and smothered it with sweets. Kira spent all morning opening the freezer to show her friends her ‘pretty cake’.

A proud mommy moment – I love watching this spunky little daughter of mine grow up. 

A huge thank you to our special friends and family who helped us make this party come together and who love our Kira.

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