“It tastes better than McDonalds!”

“I give it ten thousand one hundred out of ten!”

“Mom, can I have this in my lunchbox tomorrow?”

This is what my kids think about the Fry’s range of plant-based products! It’s not meat, but it’s super tasty and has my kids asking for more. Whether you are packing lunchboxes. or feeding kids at home – Fry’s honestly makes it easier to feed your kids healthier options. They make plant-based versions of all your family favourites – hotdogs, nuggets, meat balls, sausage rolls, burgers, sausages and more. All the ingredients used in their products are completely Non-Genetically Modified, MSG Free, Preservative free and vegan. Sound like a win to me.

Although my kids have been exposed to a plant-based diet since they were very young, I haven’t imposed my dietary choices on them. I’ve been vegetarian since I was in Sub A and first understood where my bacon came from – that’s thirty years of plant-based eating for me! I grew up on Fry’s products and am so grateful that their range has expanded and diversified over the years in a way that makes plant-based eating really attractive for kids.

I love that Fry’s is also so quick and easy to prepare, and even quicker and easier to prepare in a Midea Air Fryer. I keep my freezer drawer stocked with Fry’s frozen food that can be whipped out on a day where I just can’t face cooking or when extra murals run extra late. Scroll down to see how we enjoy some of our favourites.

Watch this video to see what my kids really think:


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You’ve seen for yourself, my kids give Fry’s a BIG thumbs up – have your kids tried it yet?

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*This post is sponsored by Fry’s. You can find Fry’s in the frozen section of all major retail stores in South Africa – Pick ‘n Pay, Checkers and Spar – and are also available online via Sixty60, Bottles and Pick ‘n Pay online. The retailers often have promotions on this range so keep an eye in store and online.


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