Today we took a trip up Table Mountain for the launch of the annual 3-for-1 #KidzSeason special. Two kids ride for FREE with an adult who has purchased a return ticket from the Lower Cable Station – a real win if you have a kid or two! This offer runs until 30 September and is valid on weekends, public holidays, and during the June/July school holidays. (From 1 June 2016, tickets for the #KidzSeason special will be available online but for now they need to be purchased from the Lower Cable Station.)

BONUS: As a part of the Kidz Season experience, all children will receive a treasure hunt map which includes vouchers for treats that can be redeemed from the  Shop at the Top and the Café.  Our kids loved handing over their vouchers and ‘buying’ their fruit dainties and sweets. If I’m completely honest, that’s the very first thing we did when we got to the top of the mountain because when your kids are all under five then a good family outing is all about the snacks, and less about the view.

Although this experience may be more wholly enjoyed by slightly older kids, ours absolutely loved the MyCiti bus experience (avoid parking issues but parking at the bottom of Tafelberg Rd and catch a free MyCiti to the Cable Station – they leave every 20 minutes), the rotating cable car ride (‘Look, an aeroplane’ said Kira), spotting sunbathing dassies as well as insisting that their maps told them to dash in different directions and over numerous boulders (‘I’m looking for number 7’ said Ilan). The brand new Wifi Lounge is also a great spot to collapse on some comfy couches as a family and enjoy the view through big glass windows.

Scroll down for some snaps of our morning adventure if you need any more convincing that this a great morning out for the the family. If you’re concerned about the weather or queue status, you can check the website for updates or call +27 (0)21 424 8181. Don’t forget to snap a selfie or two up there with the hashtag #KidzSeason to win. Have fun!









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