Has anyone ever tried eating out as a family with more than one kid at the table? We have and it’s chaos, but sometimes it’s worth the chaos for an afternoon out of the house and a break from the kitchen. It was time for us to get out the house and let someone else do the Sunday lunch cooking, but where to go? We hardly ever venture away from the tried and tested but I was ready for something new.

Zapper to the rescue! Not unlike most moms, I’ve become a real ‘specials’ seeker and so when Zapper approached me to review their app with promises that they could make the eating out process easy, I hopped to it and downloaded it straight away. Zapper is really big in Durban, but this Cape Town mom was a real novice. This is what I discovered about the app: not only do first time Zapper users get R25 off their first bill, but Zapper also has features that allow you turn on your smartphone location and do a search for nearby restaurants. I spent some time scrolling through the various options and even discovered a new-to-me coffee spot three roads away. From the app you can check out each restaurant’s website or call them directly from the app to make a booking. You can also scan and load your cards and pay your bill via the app.

Zapper makes it easy to find restaurant specials in your area and you can also accumulate and redeem loyalty cards on the app.

So, where should we go? I drive past The Eatery Wood Fired Grill at least twice a day and have been curious to visit since it opened. I also know that the kids love their play area because they share it with Vida Belvedere and we’re regulars over there. Although The Eatery didn’t pop to my mind as a suitable lunch destination option straight away, my investigative skills led me to discover that they have a R69 lunch special every day of the week (and they have vegetarian burgers on the lunch menu). Perfect! I gave them a call via the app and set up our reservation for a table close to the play area.

Half an hour later the kids were noisily enjoying the play area and we ordered our meal. I chose the Mushroom Burger and Ryan had the Shisa Steak and Chips off the lunch menu. I ordered 2 x Kiddies meals for the kids and split it between the three of them which worked out well as the portion sizes were pretty big. Fast forward to payment and I was able to scan the restaurant’s QR code via my Zapper app, and enter in a total including a tip. It was quicksticks. My folks paid the remainder via a credit card so the app works well even if you split the bill. No fuss!

The chaotic family table with evidence of crayons and colouring in. My mushroom burger was so good.
We don’t send anything back to the kitchen, Not even the lemon in the water jug.
The glorious play area.
Ilan actually pushed impatiently pushed Judah down the slides, but luckily it ended in smiles.
Winner winner, chicken nuggets and chips for dinner.

Thanks for the treat, Zapper!

*Disclaimer: Zapper gave us a restaurant voucher to trial their app, but didn’t pay for this review.


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