Hello friends! This blog has been entered into the SA Blog Awards and would love for you to vote for me!

I may not the most consistent blogger out there, but every post I publish has been written with much thought and love. Earlier this year I struggled with knowing where to draw the line between what to keep personal and what to share in an attempt to be real and give voice to the valid emotions that are part and parcel with the adoption journey – but I think I’ve struck a balance now and really appreciate your love and support.

I started this blog to create a space to share local adoption stories, make moms through adoption feel part of the broader online ‘mommy community’ and to share the struggles and the joys of parenting – some of which is unique to parents of transracially adopted children. The reviews that I’ve posted and the giveaways that I’ve held this year have brought a few more people to this blog and I’m grateful that many of you have stayed after the giveaways have ended, showing a genuine interest in adoption and our family..

The media drops and opportunities that blogging has brought in our lives have been fantastic, but the highlight of blogging this past year has been the inbox messages and private emails that I’ve received where many of you have shared your stories with me – this gives me the boost I need to keep this little blog alive.

I’d love you to take a minute to vote for Heart Mama Blog in in the Parenting category of the SA Blog Awards 2017 – it’s purely a reader vote that would open up more opportunities and perhaps a larger platform to normalise adoption as a way to start or grow your family.

Here’s how to vote:

  1. Click on the red Vote badge directly below (or you can also find it on the top right hand side of my blog’s home page or scroll to the bottom of the page if you’re reading this on your phone).
  2. Add your email address to the box
  3. A confirmation email will be sent to you (check all your folders!) – click this link to finalise your vote.

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You’re only able to vote for one blog per category, so if you vote for another blog later on then your original vote will be deleted. Voting is up and running from now until 31 December. Thank you special people!

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