I remember wishing for a real-life baby doll when I was growing up – one that would cry and laugh and take a bottle and let me play ‘mommy mommy’ like my mommy. This week my childhood wish came true for Kira when she was sent a Luvabella Newborn doll to review. This doll is as real as they come and has the most realistic facial movements and sounds with lifelike expressions. She’s ‘real’ with all the bells and whistles that are important to a little girl (or boy) who wants a baby to call her own.

Kira named her sweet Luvabella Newborn baby doll, ‘Bella’ and simply smitten with her. Bella cries, takes a dummy and a bottle, responds to being tickled with giggles and her tummy rises and falls when she sleeps. She’s so real she’ll amaze you. You can help soothe her if she gets fussy by placing her dummy in her mouth, or gently rub her back to hear her respond with happy gurgling noises. Designed with a soft and snuggly body, Luvabella Newborn is easy to cuddle. You’ll be pleased to know that Bella has two volume settings and that she can be switched off at night, so no need to wake up to a crying baby if that’s not your thing. Kira is loving her new doll but she’s been very good about switching her on and off to conserve her batteries. Let’s see how long they last!

As you know, I’m a big believer that all kids need to be given the opportunity to play with dolls that look like them as well as dolls that don’t look like them and Bella is a beautiful black doll who ticks the box for my family and yours too. Kira’s doll is the ‘Luvabella Newborn Dark Brown Hair’ but she is also available with blonde hair. Black dolls matter and this dark skinned doll doll is special.

It’s so easy to fall in love with Luvabella as you’ll soon find out. Scroll down for some pics of Kira interacting with her baby Bella plus the video commercial that gives you a closer look. I’ve also shared some video clips over on Instagram and saved to my highlights ‘Represent’. I love how Kira mirrors Bella’s expressions, these pics give a snapshot into her future.

You can find Luvabella Newborn at Hamleys SA, Toy Kingdom, Toyzone, Toys R Us and Takealot. She retails for R1799.99 excluding the 4 x AA batteries she needs to come alive.

*This post was written as a trade exchange for Luvabella.


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