Roarrrr! These kids are kind, smart and strong just like NutriDay Junior’s cute little mascot, Lebo the Lion. My kids will put up a fight to eat the tub with the picture of Lebo’s face on it – oh the power of advertising! Lebo loves to play, learn and eat NutriDay Junior because it tastes delicious and it gives him the boost that he needs to do all his favourite things. He’s a great little role model.

Not only does NutriDay Junior have 12 different vitamins, including vitamins A, B, D, and E, as well as zinc, to help support your child’s immune system, it also contains iron which supports a strong mind and cognitive development. This is important because 10% of children in South Africa are iron deficient which could hinder their progress. With every spoon of NutriDay Junior, your little ones are getting the brain fuel that they need to help them reach their full potential! NutriDay Junior yoghurt is also made with full cream milk, and keeps kids fuller for longer.

The limited edition collectable 6 pack of yoghurts come in a variety of delicious fruity flavours – strawberry, granadilla, apricot, banana and mixed fruit – and are the perfect size to pop into a school lunchbox or for an afternoon snack to tide your kids over until supper time. The pots are recyclable and reusable and the kids always bring their empty tubs home so that we can recycle them instead of throwing them away at school.

Here are two of the cute Lebo the Lion videos – “Lions are Kind’ and “Lions are Strong”. My younger two have watched the videos on repeat and that’s okay with me – it’s inspiration for them to be kind and make healthy eating choices so that they can be just like Lebo. Thanks Lebo!

*This post is sponsored by NutriDay

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