In our family, we celebrate birthdays and adoption days – the day that each child joined our family and became a Kynie. This means that our calendar is doubly full of celebrations which is wonderful and busy and wonderfully busy. Any excuse for a party, right? Today, Kira has been home for two years. Two short years. Two special years.

This morning Kira dressed in her special princess dress and sparkly ballerina shoes and clutched two adoption themed books under her arm to show her teachers at school – ‘Choco’ and ‘A Blessing from Above.’ I don’t think she understands adoption at all yet, but she shyly announced ‘Kira adoption day’ with a little smile a few times today to anyone who would listen. Precious girl, we celebrate the day that you joined our family and we absolutely cannot imagine life without you.

Ilan understands adoption day a bit more than the others and today he randomly picked up a book and said, ‘Mom, this is a book about Kira being adopted. Should I read it for you?’ I was silly to sneakily whip out my phone to take a video which frustratingly distracted him, but the opening sentence of his story was lovely, ‘She was happy that she knew that her brother and her Mom were coming to fetch her.’

Although I don’t feel the need to make a huge fuss of adoption days, I do think that it is important that they are acknowledged in some form and in a way that feels right for each family. Family traditions are great and what better family tradition than to celebrate family?  I’m not naive to think that adoption day will always be sunshine and happiness for our kids and I understand that as our kids’ understanding of adoption grows their feelings towards the day may change, but either way I hope that it is a day that we always spend together as a family.

Happy adoption day, precious little fiesty one.



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