Isn’t there something so addictive about buying and selling things online? There is also something very satisfying about finding a really good deal. Just this last week we sold our dining room table to make space for a new-for-us table that has been passed down through the family. It sold in less than a week thanks to Gumtree.

I am always so impressed at how easy it is to sell something on Gumtree and how punctual potential buyers usually are. To be safe, my husband deals with the queries and we use his work location on the Gumtree ad. In the past I have bought a compactum, a cot, an outside table and rented two flats through Gumtree. I’ve also sold my trusty old Tazz on Gumtree. That was a sad day.

It’s easy for me to get a bit carried away scrolling through the Gumtree ads online and creating a wish list of items for the house and for the kids but today I decided to have a squizz and see if I could find anything suitable for my almost 5 year old for his birthday. This is what I found, what do you think?

Swing ball set for R170 – The dream is that your 5 year old can keep himself entertained for at least 5 minutes!

Easy wheels clip on roller skates for R200.
$_20 (1)
These superhero capes are made to order at R130 each – search ‘superhero cape for children’ on Gumtree for more info.

I’ve learnt the hard way that you need to put your money where your mouth is and contact the owners who are selling these items very quickly, otherwise they will be snapped up before you make your move. I’m definitely leaning towards the swing ball set. Any advice?


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  1. We were just away this weekend with my 4 and almost 6 year old. The farm we stayed at had a swingball set and the boys loved it! So if you don’t buy it, I may need to try find the seller 🙂

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