As a white Mom of three black children, it is so important that I know how to care for my kids’ hair. It’s been fun learning and I’ve got a way to go, but that scene in Grey’s Anatomy where Bailey gives McDreamy a (very) hard time for bringing Zola to school with unkempt hair haunts me to action. I don’t want to be THAT Mom!

If you haven’t seen the clip I’m talking about, here you go:


Ouch! We’re so lucky because Kira’s lovely teacher, Phoebe, has voluntarily taken on the role of ‘Kira’s hair mentor & stylist’. Most Fridays she will style Kira’s hair (and every week it’s something different) and then she’ll undo it and leave it loose for us to wash at home and to give Kira’s hair a little break. I’ve been told that it’s good for girls to learn to sit still and have their hair fiddled with from a young age and you should see how good she is with Phoebe. Me, not so much. Angelina Ballerina videos will keep her entertained for about five minutes max and then Kira turns into a wriggler. Thank goodness for Phoebe!

Smooth ‘n Shine surprised both us and Teacher Phoebe with a lovely hamper of hair care products and I asked for Phoebe’s help to review the products: Detangling lotion, Deep moisturing shampoo, Wonder spray, Leave-in softener and Nourishing hair food.


Here’s what our favourite #NaturalHairDiva, has to say about the product range:

I love this product range as it complements my lifestyle. I work long hours and it helps to have an easy hair maintenance plan. I shampoo and condition my hair once a week and let it ‘breath’. When it’s naturally completely dry I treat my scalp by applying Smooth ‘N Shine Scalp Cleanser. After that I rub in the Smooth ‘N Shine Leave in Softener then comb and style for the day.

I use the Smooth ‘N Shine Detangling Lotion daily because it leaves my hair soft – this means that I don’t need to wet it every day which reduces breakage.

Personally, I’ve become a fan of the ‘Wonder Spray’ that protects and moisturises the hair – I spray it a few times before I comb out Kira’s hair in the morning. I also love the ‘Nourishing Hair Food’ & ‘Detangling Hair Lotion’ that hydrates the hair and scalp and makes hair more manageable.

If you’re a novice like me, take note of these 5 top tips for hair care:

1. Shampoo and condition once a week.

2. Comb and style while hair is wet, using a wide toothed comb (use a nailbrush for the front wispy bits)

3. Leave hair to dry naturally.

4. Avoid chemical treatments or products containing petro-chemicals for children under the age of 4.

5. Get into the habit of protecting the hair for sleep – wrap hair with a satin scarf or stocking to avoid dry frizzy hair from friction with the pillow.

-BIG thanks to Phoebe Madya and Zanele Baloyi for their insight and help along the way!-





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  1. Hi Jules. Thanks for posting this. It’s the first time I have seen your blog. So nice to see.
    I just wanted to ask whether you have tried the J&J detangler and if you prefer the smooth and shine products. I have bought so many products for my daughters hair (19 months) and been disappointed or she is allergic to them. Thanks so much Debbie

  2. I love the effort u put into your girls hair! Too many mom’s turn to relaxers at a young age…I’m a bit of a natural hair activist so really loved this post 🙂

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