I’m pretty sure that Kira had been counting down the sleeps for her 5th birthday since the day she turned four. She was adamant that she wanted a Cinderella party and I tried to dissuade her for the longest time – that is, until I discovered that there is a made for TV Disney version of Cinderella starring Brandy, Whoopi Goldberg and Whitney Houston and a beautifully diverse cast.

I don’t know where I was in the 90s when virtually every friend of mine said they watched and loved the show, but the Rodger & Hammerstein’s Cinderella is incredible and all of a sudden I was 100% happy for her to want a Cinderella party because she could see herself in Brandy and her braids and not spend anymore time wishing that she had long blonde hair tied up in a bun like the original animated Cinderella character with whom we are all familiar.

We invited a very few friends from school and limited it to kids from her class, which was really tough because Kira wanted to invite everyone. Although we only invited 9 friends, all the birthday attention still overwhelmed Kira and so perhaps I’ll try hosting an even more intimate celebration for her for next year. Sometimes less is more when it comes to the number of party friends.

Kira was very happy with her party invite (created once again on Canva) and kept stealing my phone to sneak a look at it.

Kira was wildly spoilt with a gorgeous blue Cinderella dress and matching crown by The Fairy Shop Cape Town who are based at Palmyra Junction in Claremont and at Willowbridge Centre, Durbanville. The Fairy Shop is such a win of a store and their prices are much more reasonable than you’d think if you were just passing by. They stock beautiful dresses with matching accessories, fairy dresses, flower girl dresses, special occasion dresses, ballet skirts and shoes as well as gifting suitable for parties or pocket money – they sell crowns from R10 and fairy wings for R60. The best part is that production of the dresses is all done locally by seamstresses in Ocean View. Pop over to their Instagram account to see what they have in store and give them some proudly SA love.

On the morning of Kira’s birthday we all went downstairs to celebrate with some presents and then urged Kira to go back upstairs to fetch her bunny, where she found that a Cinderella dress had magically appeared and was hanging on her cupboard. I wish you could have heard her screeches of delight and she now holds this story to be true ‘The fairy godmother is really real, you know.”

Kira’s cake was a inspired by her doll whose leg snapped off recently – one leg off meant that I only needed to snap one other leg off to create this Cinderella-in-a-ballgown dress cake. One x Ina Paarmans choc cake box mix plus blue icing and blue marshmallows and voila! Other party snacks were incredibly simple – baby choc muffins, chips, apples and iced marie biscuits. My Mom and sister sorted out some snacks for the adults and as usual, we didn’t do any party packs (and they weren’t missed at all).

This party was so fuss-free because I managed to keep the snacks and decor very simple and because I outsourced some party fun to the wonderful Artee Parteez who offer high quality, educational and creative children’s party entertainment in Cape Town and Joburg. They specialise in LEGO, arts & crafts and science parties and we booked a Wood Craft party for Kira. Each child was able to decorate a cute wooden treasure box and some other wooden items with metallic paint, rhinestones, glitter glue and stickers.

What’s not to love about having two lovely (and incredibly patient) ladies ring your doorbell a few minutes before the party is due to begin, set up everything including aprons for the kids, manage the whole activity with the kids and then tidy it all up? The kids LOVED painting their treasure boxes and I loved not being responsible for the activity. I highly recommend Artee Parteez if you’re looking for a fun party activity for your kids and some of their party options are especially great if your kid has a birthday in winter. (Also, I know the owner, the wonderful Kirsty Paxton, so I can personally vouch that they’re both 100% legit and awesome!) Scroll down to see some more craft pics from Kira’s party and you can also follow them on Instagram to see some pics of recent parties they’ve hosted.

Kira was very pleased that the birthday girl got the biggest treasure box to paint.
This craft activity kept the kids busy for aaages.
Happy kids all engrossed in the activity – the boys and girls loved this activity equally, although I think the girls outlasted them in the end.
Kira is normally a fan of pink, pink and light pink but Cinderella is all about the blue. 
Busy, busy, busy.
A beautiful dove on top of a treasure box.
Some finished products drying in the sun.

Kira smiled plenty on her birthday but soon got over having her photo taken, but I do love this pic of the princess allowing me a quick smooch on the cheek. Another party done and dusted!

*A big thank you to The Fairy Shop for Kira’s party dress and Artee Parteez for providing all the party fun.


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  1. I love that the fairy godmother delivered her dress – how special! I’m so inspired by your low-key birthday parties. I’m going to try do the same for Noah in February! xx

    • Thanks Megan! Low-key is the way to go. I love planning events though so I really have to hold myself back from doing too much.

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