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Our family shoot in the Company’s Garden with Heymama

Our family was treated to an afternoon family shoot in the Company’s Garden with Heymama and photographer Ilze Louw. Heymama is a style-driven lifestyle website for parents and if you haven’t checked them out yet, go go go! They’ve also just added a small, curated store to their website – they only stock items that they love and it’s updated every week.

Back to the photoshoot: Ilze captured some beautiful family moments despite the chaos – at least one of our three kids was always running off away from the camera, some over eager squirrels wanted to be friends and Judah kept losing a shoe. Oh, and a group of tourists decided to jump on the bandwagon and snap some of their own pics of us which was a bit distracting – having a family shoot in such a public space had some challenges! It was a whirlwind thirty minutes (with a lot of bubbles), but we had so much fun – you can read our interview that Heymama published over here.

I’ve chosen few of my favourite pics from this fun afternoon which was not easy as I LOVE them all. Thanks Charine, Jani & Ilze!


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