Whenever I read a great adoption-themed article online, I share it over on the Heart Mama Blog Facebook page as a reference for myself and to share it with others who might be interested too. It’s easy to lose track of these articles on the newsfeed and so I’ve put together a list of ten of my favourite most recent reads that have helped me refine my views on adoption (I’ve been sneaky and popped in two of my own posts too). I hope you find this list helpful!

  1. 5 reasons a new adoptive mom goes MIA
  2. Helping your preschooler feel good about race
  3. Do you have a reluctant spouse?
  4. For this child I prayed
  5. I thought I was gorgeous until I learned that I was just pretty for a black girl
  6. When the road is long and you’d like to forget about adoption
  7. Bonding with your baby at each developmental stage
  8. My friend’s adoption story inspired me
  9. What white parents should know about adopting black children
  10. About the adoption option

Have you read any helpful articles lately? Please share the link with us in the comments below.


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  1. Hello, thank you for this post! I have enjoyed reading the links very much. I have recently started a blog about adopting our daughter Star , from the UK foster care system. We have two birth children and our adopted daughter has Down syndrome. I wrote a post about preparing our birth children and am sharing it in case anyone would find it useful..
    Preparing our Children to meet their Adopted Sister – Adopting Star

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