Hey boss moms, high fives to you! I know from personal experience that working from home with kids is no joke and that there’s a fine line between being real with your colleagues and clients about your current work situation and maintaining a level of professionalism at the same time, especially when you just have to take that call and you have a kid clinging to your leg.

Here are some ideas on how (I try) to rock this work from home with kids gig:

-Do a quick tidy of your workspace every morning so that you can work without distraction. Give yourself 30 mins max to tidy up the house after the kids leave for school and then stop.

-Sign up for Virgin Active and get the kids cards for Club V to earn yourself an extra two hours of undivided work time – the kids get to run around and burn off steam while you can plonk on the couch with your laptop and a coffee from Kauai.

-Set a regular work date with a friend who also works from home so that you can open up your laptops together and motivate each other to get on with it – Leigh from The Mom Diaries is this person for me and we meet up on Thursdays to work together. Working from home is great, but I do miss those work friends and drinking tea with someone other than a toddler.

-Spend some time setting up a workstation that inspires you to get down to work – working from bed is ok every now and then but we all know that desk is best.

Superbalist recently asked me how I’d choose to pimp my workspace and here are some of my favourite items on their site:

1. Icy White Trestle Table from Desks & Tables

As a physio I should really know better and have a workstation that is ergonomically correct. This table is sleek and stylish and looks like it would fit into our room pretty well.

2. Bling Lightning Braided Cable from Tech & Gadgets

Because bling is always a good idea plus this cable is 1.2m long, so no more awkward crouching under the desk to plug in my phone.

3. Bling Power Bank from Tech & Gadgets

These days you can basically work from your phone – emails, calendar, photos – but we all know that smartphone battery life is useless. Enter the power bank to save the day.

4. Fitbit Alta HR – Pink Rose Gold from Tech & Gadgets

Because I want to be one of the cool kids and get Vitality point for all the running around that I’m doing with the kids.

5. Coral Orange Daily Planner from Gifting & Stationery

Because ticking off my to-list makes me feel productive and moleskin planners are for grown ups.

Boss moms, forget Pinterest and spend some time scrolling through the options on Superbalist to give your workspace a makeover and sign up on Apple or Android to get R250 off your first purchase.

This post was re-written and re-posted as the original was lost in a attempt to retrieve this website contents.

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