Moms, have you tried Nespray Fortigrow powdered milk with your kids? I made some for my three last night and they drank every last drop and scooped the last bits out with a spoon too (I should have stirred it better). This product is made locally with fresh cows milk and is scientifically designed with balanced nutrients to get your child’s body and mind ready for school.

Although some of you may pull up your noses at the thought of powdered milk, this is a great daily drink for your kids aged five to fourteen or can be used as an alternative if you run out of fresh milk or don’t have a fridge to store fresh milk. Plus it has a unique blend of essential vitamins, minerals and macro nutrients which is vital to ensuring healthy growing minds.

“To nourish growing minds, we focus on providing our future leaders with brain support, immune support and growth builders,” said Adedoja Ekeruche, Business Executive Officer – Dairy at NESTLÉ. “To do this, we work with the farmers and nutritional scientists to not only standardise the milk that goes into the NESPRAY full milk powder, but the milk powder itself, so every sip of every glass has the same nutritional value. A large part of that lies in supporting our farmers deliver to world-class standards and practices.”

Watch this short video that shows how Nespray is made through supporting local farmers or download this storybook to read with your kids about the process.

Pretty cool, right? Now here’s a chance to win yourself a hamper to try the products out first hand. The prize includes:

  • 1x 400g Nestlé Nespray Fortigrow Sachet
  • 1x 1.8kg Nestlé Nespray Fortigrow Tin
  • R1000 Makro Voucher

Here’s how you can enter to WIN:

  1. Hop over to the Facebook post about this giveaway on Heart Mama Blog & give it a like
  2. Comment & let me know what you give your kids for breakfast before a busy day at school.

The competition closes on Tuesday 22 January at 12h00 and the winner will be selected via The winner drawn must have followed all necessary steps above in order to qualify for the prize and live in South Africa. The prize will be delivered directly to the winners by Nespray Fortigrow. Good luck everyone!

*This post is sponsored by Nespray Fortigrow.

45 comments on “WIN Big With Nespray Fortigrow – Hamper + R1000 Makro Voucher”

  1. Urgh, my kids refuse to eat cereal at home as that’s reserved for mornings at creche. So they get toast or plain buttered bread with peanut butter or sliced ham or whatever else is in the fridge. They’re such bad eaters and I struggle to find healthy things that they like.

  2. My son has his cereal , weetbix religiously every morning . On arrival at home after school he gets a glass of milk with his lunch

  3. Currently my son is eating what we call “daddy’s porridge” which is actually chocolate pronutro. He is not a big breakfast eater and he needs to eat before school.. so eating “daddy’s porridge” has been a huge help..

  4. My one daughter eats toast with Melrose spread every morning without fail and a glass of milk and my other one refuses to eat breakfast at all.

  5. My little one can be fussy it’s usually a choice between nutrifics /dry otees/ those breakfast biscuits with juice or water. Some days she asks for marshmallows

  6. My three kids love their Pronutro each morning. The Banana flavour is a Favourite. It’s so much easier as all three like the same breakfast.

  7. My kids especially my 10yr old have a HUGE bowl of cereal – usually oaties or weetbix or granola crunch – and if bacon and egg is going…only weekends then my 10yr old will follow that with bacon and egg and toast . Eats like a horse but only 30kg! Great metabolism!! Breakfast favourite meal of the day!!

  8. Hi there! I have 3 young boys and the some days they eat pronutro and other days weetbix. I also like to make scrambled eggs one of the mornings. X

  9. My daughter has cereal in the morning. Depending on her mood it can be either Kellogs Cornflakes, Weetbix or Coco Pops. So i need to keep a range of cereals in my kitchen. 🙂

  10. My son is extremely picky when it comes to food he dont like the same cereal every morning have to change it then yoghurt and fruit next moring cornflakes or cheerios.

  11. I give my grandson a small bowl of cereal.This little one must be beg to to eat his cereal he say it’s to early as the school taxi picks him up at 6.30am but now that he is in Grade R what he calls BIG school he will eat a little He came home and said my teacher s ay breakfast is the most important meal of the day I’m so happy he eats his cereal now .I said to him that’s what Ma told you remember and he giggled.

  12. A bowl of cereal is what my daughters normally have and a fruit for breakfast 😉 with a large glass of Nespray Milk.

  13. My kids love their cereal I always try and get a selection of different cereals and include fruit in them Thanks for a very informative article my baby is currently on nido I would love to give Nespray a try

  14. My kids usually have a glass of fortigrow as soon as they wake up. I prepare oats and fruit for them before they leave to school.

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