A moving toy that doesn’t require batteries – every mom’s dream! This Imaginext ‘Mega Bite Shark’ is a Fisher Price playset designed for open ended play where kids can tap into their imagination to create all sorts of action-packed stories. This shark’s jaw opens and shuts as it’s pushed forward and it’s fin moves from side to side. The diver can ride up top or in the shark’s mouth or stay safe in a shark cage. So many deep sea stories to be played out – it’s mega cool.These are the special features of the Mega Bite Shark:

  • Roll the shark along to see its head and fin move in a realistic swimming motion!
  • Press the Power Pad for awesome chomping action
  • Open the shark’s mouth, “swallow” the diver, then retrieve the figure to start again

One of the greatest things with Imaginext is that all the characters are compatible with all the sets in the range so your kids can mix and match their characters for unlimited adventures! They’re also sturdy and robust and ready to play with straight out of the box – you wouldn’t expect anything less from Fisher Price.

Scroll down for a closer look at the Mega Bite Shark:

The box says it’s for kids aged 3-8 but I reckon slightly older kids will still enjoy creating deep sea adventures. Watch the demo below to see what I mean. This set is available at leading retailers and online and is listed at R579.00.

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