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Decor Dreaming – My Top 5 Apartment Items from Superbalist

We’re just coming out of that crazy season where the default has been to keep the kids home within our own four walls as it’s just been easier for so many reasons. And although we’ve spent a great deal of time at home, I just haven’t had the capacity (or the extra bucks) to buy a plant let alone hang art on the wall. The kids are older now and don’t cling to me 24/7 and so I have a little space to get dreaming about how I’d like to add some personality to our home.Continue Reading

How To Work From Home With Kids (And My Workspace Wishlist With Superbalist)

Hey boss moms, high fives to you! I know from personal experience that working from home with kids is no joke and that there’s a fine line between being real with your colleagues and clients about your current work situation and maintaining a level of professionalism at the same time, especially when you just have to take that call and you have a kid clinging to your leg.

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