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We Celebrated Kira’s 4th Birthday With An African Princess Party

As a mom I soon discovered that my kids’ lives revolve around their birthday and party suggestions – they talk about their birthdays tirelessly and are forever declaring out loud who can and can’t come to their party. It’s relentless. Kira had been talking about turning four for the looongest time and her party theme requests ranged from ‘kitty cat’ to ‘Barbie’ to ‘Princess’, favouring the last two options. I wasn’t keen on either option, mostly because the party decor available in the shops flashes blonde Barbies and Disney princesses who look nothing like my beautiful daughter. I was at a loss and wondering how I could satisfy her desire for a princess party, yet use it as an opportunity to affirm her beauty. Also, I wanted to keep things simple and had planned to host the party for a few school friends in our back garden.

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Black Dolls Matter

When little girls are little, they want to look just like their moms. And so as a white mom of a black daughter, it is especially important for me to do everything I can to help Kira love her brown skin and her curly black hair, even if it is different from my long blonde hair. One of the ways that I can do this is by finding her black dolls to play with because when black children play with black dolls that reflect their beauty they develop a healthy and robust sense of self. But black dolls aren’t just for black kids – when white children play with black dolls they become familiar with racial and physical differences which is so important. Continue Reading