Yes, I’m sure I’ve been sprouting my own mom-isms for the longest time, but now my three year old little boy is following suit. I like to think that most of what I say around my kids on a daily basis is very affirming, life-giving, extremely patient and downright hilarious, but here are some of the phrases that my darling little one has chosen to drop into conversation these days:

– ‘Mom, can you do me a favour?’ (followed by make me a bottle/wipe my bottom/hold my shoe for a minute)

– ‘Mom, listen to what I’m saying.’

– ‘Mom, I don’t like how you’re talking to me.’

– ‘Kira, I said stop it. You are making me upset. Come here now.’ (To his 15 month old sister)

I’m not so proud of some of these (especially my cross mom tone is imitated), but here are two of the more impressive phrases he’s picked up from his mama:

– ‘I want to watch the Michael Jackson video again. Please.’ (Of course my boy. MJ is the greatest performer who ever walked this earth. Why yes, let’s watch ‘The way you make me feel’ at least twice more.)

And the winner:

– ‘This is my clavicle.’ (His physio mom is very proud, but Dad thinks the other kids will make fun of him at school.)

My boy is growing up too fast! Slow down little one, slow down.


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