Endless school holidays (thanks Covid) means that it’s alwaaaays snack time… If the kids aren’t asking “Is it morning snack time yet?” repeatedly then it’s “What’s for lunch?” or “Is it afternoon snack time?”. With experience over the years, we’ve learnt that it’s a good idea to keep some healthy snacks on standby that the kids can help themselves to without having to first ask permission – snacks like apples, bananas and also a yoghurt tub a day.

With that said, we’re loving the low GI full cream yoghurt pots from NutriDay Junior because they are full of all the good stuff for growing bodies and minds and the only full cream yoghurt tub available on the market. They’re also:

  • Low GI to keep little tummies fuller for longer
  • Fortified with Iron for strong minds
  • A great source of Vitamins A, B, D, E and Zinc to support a strong immune system
  • Come in a variety of delicious fruity flavours – strawberry, granadilla, apricot, banana and mixed fruit

We also love that the NutriDay tubs are not only recyclable but now also reusable. Look out for the limited edition collectable range specially marked with images of Lebo with Lion as they have a variety of alphabet letters printed on the tubs to keep the kids #edutained until school starts. The yoghurt can be enjoyed, then the tubs rinsed out and collected for youngsters to learn to spell basic words. My Judah is in Grade 1 this year and on the verge of reading – he gets so excited when he recognises letters on household objects and is forever spelling out words in normal conversation. For example, I’m not ‘mom’ but ‘M-O-M’ and he’s never ‘hungry’ but ‘H-UNG-RY’. It’s cute, but rather repetitive!

Scroll down for a closer look at the tubs and see the two-letter word that Judah spotted in this morning’s snack.

*This post is sponsored by NutriDay Junior.


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