A Family Weekend in McGregor

We were invited to spend the last weekend of the school holidays (and admittedly the busiest sporting weekend in recent history) at Tumbleweed Cottage in McGregor which gave us the opportunity to explore the little village as a family. After three weeks of staycationing at home, the kids were very eager to go on an adventure and visit McGregor. Yes, the little ones may have been misguided in thinking that McGregor was the garden that Peter Rabbit kept sneaking into, but Ilan knew that McGregor was a real place and the home of Ziggy, his class-sponsored donkey from Grade R. Either way, we were all ready to hit the road and discover a new place.
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A Dads & Lads Rugby Party in the Rain for Ilan’s 7th Birthday

This time last week I was constantly checking my weather app to see the weather forecast for Ilan’s rugby party that was scheduled for the start of the storm. All Ilan has been talking about since January is about turning 7 and having a ‘tackle rugby’ party. I tried to dissuade him and offered him some indoor alternatives for his party but he was not having any of it. So we went ahead and planned an outdoor party for him in the middle of winter without any plan B.Continue Reading

Making Holiday Memories + #BeAKidAgain To WIN A Holiday To Zanzibar

These school holidays have made me reminisce about my own childhood holidays where mornings ran into afternoons and living without an agenda was the order of the day. School holidays were the best! While kids live for holidays, as a parent I’m now privvy to the flip side of holidays and find myself taking a looong deep breath on break up day. Three weeks! Let’s do this!Continue Reading