Guide to Modern Parenting, Part 3: How to Parent with Freedom

Welcome to part three of ‘The Guide to Modern Parenting’ with Baby Dove. If you’ve missed the previous posts in the series, please pop back and take a quick read. This post is all about freedom and why it is essential for kids to experience freedom in order to grow  – I’m not just talking about physical freedom but freedom to experience life the way that they need to as children, not only the way we ‘want them to’.Continue Reading

Guide to Modern Parenting, Part 2: Get Back to Basics

Thanks for joining me for this ‘Guide to Modern Parenting’ series with Baby Dove – I’m so glad you’ve popped over to join this conversation. My first post covered how and why you should trust your gut  when it comes to parenting and my next nugget of advice for you (and a big reminder for me) is that you already are everything that your child will ever need. Just think about that for a second. Kids don’t need a busy after school schedule or name brand clothes that they will outgrow next week in order to feel loved and secure. They just need an interested and engaged parent who loves them without condition.Continue Reading

Guide to Modern Parenting, Part 1: Trust Your Gut

I’ve partnered with Baby Dove to write a series of posts about how each parent can and should trust their own way when it comes to parenting their little ones.  I’ve decided to name this four part series ‘The Guide to Modern Parenting’ as we all need a little help in this modern day and age. While I don’t profess to be a ‘parenting expert’, I have learnt a thing or two along the way and would like to highlight some great advice that stood out for me among all the noise and let you know how I’m trying to incorporate these parenting nuggets that I’ve seen work well for others into my life.

Continue Reading

Talking Adoption In The Classroom (+ With The Parents)

I personally prefer being upfront with adoption information rather than dealing with awkward questions from friends or family who have genuine interest in adoption, but may not ask them in the most politically correct way. Last year I spoke to Ilan’s Grade R class about adoption (see post here) and felt that it was time to build on this conversation with the boys again, especially considering that Ilan is in a new class of boys this year.Continue Reading

Make A Splash With Swimma – WIN 1 of 5 Swimming Caps For Diverse Hair

Have you heard about the local company, Swimma, that is taking the world by storm? Swimma was started by local Cape Town mom and entrepreneur, Nomvuyo Treffers, who wanted to create swimming caps and shower caps specially designed for diverse hair types and volumes. Her brand caters for women, men and kids with afros, braids and dreadlocks, filling a very wide gap in the market.Continue Reading