A letter for Judah (before you came home)

Hello my boy. We’re busy making preparations to come and visit you on Friday for a few days and then you’re coming home with us to Cape Town. You took us by surprise little one. One minute we were a family of four and a phone call and a week later it had been decided that we are going to be your Mom & Dad. It’s been so incredibly exciting. I’m not the biggest fan of surprises but you are the best kind of surprise.

Your big brother is Ilan and he’s turning four in June and your big (little) sister is Kira and you will all become the best of friends, I can just tell. Ilan’s favourite book at the moment is called Choco and it’s about a small round cheeked little yellow bird with stripy legs who sets off to find a mother who looks just like him. Choco soon realises that it doesn’t matter if his mommy doesn’t look him him but that she can give him hugs, and make him laugh and play with him. Mama Bear takes Choco home and introduces him to her family – Ilan has decided that he is Choco, Kira is Ally the aligator and that you are piggy. (Sorry about that, you better come home soon so that you can defend yourself!)

Judah, we saw a photo of you for the first time last week and you have no idea how much time I’ve spent looking at your photo since then. We just can’t wait to meet you and kiss and cuddle you. Dad had just left for work on the day that the official referral from your social worker popped into my inbox and he turned his car right around and fought the traffic back home so that we could open this life changing email together. Now you have a face and this is real and we are even more excited. Adoption is the gift of you and we don’t know what we did to deserve you, Judah.

We finally came up with a short list of names (It’s hard for Dad and I to agree on names and so this was quite a process) and when we saw your photo we just knew that you were ‘Judah’. Judah Hlehlo. ‘Praise’ for ‘God’s plan’. We praise God for you my boy. I know that it might be hard for you one day to understand how you ended up in our family but we  pray that you know without a shadow of a doubt that you were planned and that God stitched this family together in His plan.

This is an extract from a beautiful article that has helped shape my thinking about adoption which might help you understand that our family is not Plan B, Judah. God only has a Plan A. It written by a Dad with five kids – three by adoption, two by birth:

“My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.” (Psalm 139, NIV)

These are powerful words to anyone who reads them, especially to a child by adoption. It’s amazing to think that God has already ordained each detail of a child’s life before that child is born, whether that child be a child by adoption or a child by birth.

I understood this even more fully one day when I was thinking about what it was like to be present when my daughter was born. I remembered being up late at night in the dim hospital room and how incredible it was to cut her umbilical cord. It was truly a breathtaking experience to see this innocent little girl come into the world. For me, being there to actually cut the cord enabled me to connect with God’s will in placing this child into our hands.

I was not there to cut the umbilical cords for my children by adoption. I consider this a loss for all of us. But God revealed something even more powerful to me through Psalm 139-that our position as the parents to children by adoption had been sealed by God before time began.

God Himself actually cut the cord between our children by adoption and their biological parents, freeing them to be placed into our hands. When we became their mother and father, it was not through our efforts or by chance, but by God’s mighty hand in our lives and the lives of others. Every detail of our life now is evidence of God working to redeem the broken things of this world to fulfill His plans and not ours.

What a beautiful answer to the question, “Why was I not born in your tummy, Mama?” to be able to tell your children, “God did not forsake you. He never leaves you; God has a plan for your life and all of our lives and it was His plan to place you with us.” (You can read the full article here.)

Judah, we look forward to welcoming you home and thank God for choosing us to be your parents. We love you before we’ve met you.

Our first look at you – hey there handsome!


‘You can go back to your own bed now, Mommy.’

And just like that, my little boy has grown up. Into a big little boy. ‘You can go back to your own bed now, Mommy’ he says. Yes, he will still call me for midnight cuddles when he is scared (he’s in his own big boy room now) but he will also let me know when he’s ‘done with hugs now, Mommy.’ Ah man. This window into his world via night time cuddles has officially closed.

Ilan wipes away my kisses (I don’t want your germs, Mommy’), gives me his cheek rather than his lips and reluctantly offers me half-hearted-limp-limbed squeezes these days. It’s all too much and it’s happening way too fast. This growing up thing just started without warning and I’ve been told that time only speeds up and you have to jump on that train or get left behind. Next thing I know, Ilan will be a sulky teen and walking ten steps behind me.

Be present, they say. Be present and let them be little. Before they aren’t little anymore.



There is a monster in my room, Mom.

I had my first, ‘there’s a monster in my room’ experience with Ilan last night. I woke up at 01h00 to hear a terrified cry coming from the kids’ room. I felt for Ilan in the dark and asked him what was wrong – it’s usually a ‘where’s my dummy’ or ‘I’m itchy’ kind of problem but this time he said, ‘I’m scared. I’m scared of the monster. Mommy, lie with me.’ What a mommy privilege it is to be able to climb into a teeny toddler bed and rescue your little one from a scary monster. I love being his safe place and having his little arms strangle me as he falls asleep mid-cuddle.

I’m surprised it took so long for the monster night terror to come along because every morning Ilan says he dreamt about monsters and dragons and dinosaurs and fire, but presumably these were not ‘scaredy’ dreams. We’ve had a bad dream incident with a ‘naughty cow’ before, but monster dreams are the next level.

Here’s hoping my mommy hug powers can last forever.



Still miraculously our own


So, we’ve been a family of four for one whole year already. Twelve months. Twelve crazy months. It’s been twelve months since we sat in the Family Court trying our best to look decent and respectable so that the scary silent Judge man would let you come home with us. We managed to convince him and suddenly with a signature or two we became your parents, Kira Pie. Just like that. After all the whole tedious screening process, this signature was the magic wand of permission. We became yours and you became ours.

Today is your adoption day and we celebrate that you are part of our little tribe. We are your forever ever family and this is worth celebrating BIG TIME but we also grieve the loss of your first family. We weren’t first, but we are forever. We may still be waiting for some official documents to prove it for reals, but you are miraculously our own little one.

So much love little noodle x

Your great Granny Win sent us this poem from her prayer book.


Sometimes my boy opens his mouth and I come out


Yes, I’m sure I’ve been sprouting my own mom-isms for the longest time, but now my three year old little boy is following suit. I like to think that most of what I say around my kids on a daily basis is very affirming, life-giving, extremely patient and downright hilarious, but here are some of the phrases that my darling little one has chosen to drop into conversation these days:

– ‘Mom, can you do me a favour?’ (followed by make me a bottle/wipe my bottom/hold my shoe for a minute)

– ‘Mom, listen to what I’m saying.’

– ‘Mom, I don’t like how you’re talking to me.’

– ‘Kira, I said stop it. You are making me upset. Come here now.’ (To his 15 month old sister)

I’m not so proud of some of these (especially my cross mom tone is imitated), but here are two of the more impressive phrases he’s picked up from his mama:

– ‘I want to watch the Michael Jackson video again. Please.’ (Of course my boy. MJ is the greatest performer who ever walked this earth. Why yes, let’s watch ‘The way you make me feel’ at least twice more.)

And the winner:

– ‘This is my clavicle.’ (His physio mom is very proud, but Dad thinks the other kids will make fun of him at school.)

My boy is growing up too fast! Slow down little one, slow down.