I started this blog back in 2014 because I wanted to create a platform to share locally relevant adoption stories and information as well as create a space for adoptive moms to be represented in the online mommy community. Although many parents choose not to share images of their kids online for some very valid reasons, we made the choice to put our journey out there publicly in the hopes that it will encourage other parents to either take the next step in their adoption journey or simply feel less alone in a tough season.

I’m stoked that people are reading this blog and at the exposure that it’s got over the past few years. Here are a few of my favourite features:

Parent24 – My fellow Heart Mama and friend, Alexa Russell Matthews, and I did a Facebook Live interview with Parent24. You may notice that I nervously flutter my eyelids way too much in this little clip – public speaking is not really my vibe, but take a look.



And then one of my blog posts about the series ‘This Is Us’ got re-blogged over at Parent 24 and shared by News 24. Stoked!

Essentials Magazine – I first heard that my blog had featured as the ‘Top Blog’ for the Jan 2016 edition of Essentials magazine from my Mom-in-law who spotted it by chance. Claim to fame – I made page 56!

Living & Loving – I was interviewed in Living and Loving for a feature on adoption called ‘Making a Family’, alongside some adoption hard facts from our Adoption Agency, Wandisa.


Hey Mama Mag

Mamma’s Meeting Place

Kimmy & Bear