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Love in the Time of Lockdown

Here we are inching our way through lockdown and although we’ve had some ups and downs, this time of quarantine has genuinely been a good time for us. I’m surprised to hear myself say that but it turns out that not needing to get your kids dressed in a school uniform before dashing them out the door to get to school on time can do wonders for family life.Continue Reading

Remembering That Time We Won a Honeymoon to Mauritius

We got married back in 2010 in the midst of World Cup fever and the past ten years have flown by so fast. Sigh, such a cliche but so true. At the risk of adding another cliché to the mix, our marriage has been quite a journey. Our family grew from just the two of us to five in a flash and before we could blink we were parents to three kids all in nappies at the same time. I still can’t believe that this is my life.Continue Reading

Cheers To Us For Surviving 6 Weeks of School Holidays!

We did it! Three cheers to all fellow parents for surviving six weeks of school holidays! When Robertson Winery sent me a bottle of their newly launched Non-Alcoholic Dry Sparkling White Wine, I saved it for a special occasion – the final back to school countdown. Now, that’s something to celebrate! As it’s time to start getting my head back into the game, this deliciously dry sparkling wine is the perfect celebration wine because it has all of the fun without any of the alcohol. Continue Reading

Meet Luvabella Newborn – The Doll You Wished For As A Kid

I remember wishing for a real-life baby doll when I was growing up – one that would cry and laugh and take a bottle and let me play ‘mommy mommy’ like my mommy. This week my childhood wish came true for Kira when she was sent a Luvabella Newborn doll to review. This doll is as real as they come and has the most realistic facial movements and sounds with lifelike expressions. She’s ‘real’ with all the bells and whistles that are important to a little girl (or boy) who wants a baby to call her own.Continue Reading

All Aboard with Thomas the Tank Engine Monkey Palace Set

What can we say about little boys and their trains? Although I don’t believe in ‘boy toys’ and ‘girl toys’, Judah and Ilan are the ones in our house who constantly ask for batteries for their birthdays and Christmas. Thomas the Tank Engine just doesn’t seem to go out of fashion. I remember my brother watching the show on TV when we were younger and the series is still going strong.Continue Reading