I don’t know about you but I grew up wearing Toughees school shoes. I remember the annual back to school visit to Shoe City to buy school shoes for the year, that new leather smell and I also remember my dad massaging the back of my shoes to soften the leather and speed up the ‘wearing in’ process. 

Toughees have been around since 1954 and are still going strong with over four million pairs of Toughees school shoes sold in Southern Africa each year. Originally designed to meet the needs of South African schoolchildren, many of whom walked long distances to school, Toughees are built to last. They are designed with active children in mind and made with high quality non-polish leather to ensure that they’re durable, strong, reliable, easy to clean and offer breathable comfort for growing feet.

Toughees come in a variety of sizes for boys and girls, and feature adjustable straps with buckles, velcro fastenings or lace ups to provide the best possible fit for your child’s feet. They can be found nationwide at all leading retailers – Edgars, PEP and Ackermans for between R200 – R300 a pair.

Watch the Ilan’s video below to see how you can claim a R25 voucher when you purchase a pair of Toughees school shoes – everybody wins!

  1.   Buy a pair of Toughees school shoes and receive a Toughees scratch card
  2. Whatsapp your unique code from your scratch card to 066 100 0079
  3. You will be asked to whatsapp through an image of your till slip.
  4. Within 72 hours, valid entries will be sent an sms with prompts to select and redeem your voucher.

* Promotion ends on 13 January 2019, while stocks last. This post was sponsored by Toughees.

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