The good news is that it seems that we’re on track for government primary schools to open up mid-February as scheduled. Phew! We’ve been trying to get the kids used to the idea by introducing small ‘back to school’ type activities into their days to make sure that those little brains haven’t turned to complete mush after weeks of lockdown holiday.

Today I’m going to share a fun activity – an Alphabet Scavenger Hunt – that I set up for Kira (Grade 2) and Judah (Grade 1) that really captured their attention for a decent amount of time and proved that learning can be fun!

What do you need?

  • NutriDay Junior limited edition collectable yoghurt tubs with the alphabet letters
  • Small objects from around the house
  • Enthusiastic kids

How do you play?

Enjoy healthy snack time with the limited edition NutriDay yoghurt tubs and then wash out the tubs. Read the lower case letters on the packaging and then send the kids off to find objects around the house that begin with each letter of the alphabet and fit into the tub. Easy peasy!

If the object is too big to fit into the container, they can be placed next to the tub or the name of the object can be written on a piece of paper and folded to fit into the tub. To change it up, you could set a time limit for the game or make it a competition between siblings. (I’m all for encouraging a healthy dose of competition!)

As your kids will inevitably ask you for help, here is a list of household objects that begin with each letter. (I must admit, I had to ask Siri for help when we played!)

  • A: apple, ant
  • B: ball, banana, boat, box, bag, bed, bear, bat
  • C: car, cookie, cake, cat, cob, cow, candy
  • D: dog, dragon, drum, dime, doll, duck, dump truck
  • E: elephant, ear, eye, egg, elf
  • F: frog, feather, fish, flower, flamingo, fire
  • G: girl, goat, gift, goose, gorilla, guitar
  • H: helicopter, hammer, heart, hat, hand, horse, house
  • I: insect,
  • J: jacket, jam, jewel, jet
  • K: kiwi, koala, kangaroo, key, kettle
  • L: lizard, lion, leopard, ladder, lamb, leaf, leg, lock, lips, lemon, light, leaf
  • M: mouse, mail, map, mat, match, mitten, man, money
  • N: nail, net, nest, nose, nut
  • O: Oreos, octopus, orange, onion
  • P: pan, pen,pencil, peanut, pig, pink, pot, pretzel
  • Q: queen, question mark
  • R: rabbit, rat, red, ring, rocket, rose, rainbow, rhino, robot
  • S: scissors, snake, strawberry, star, sun, snail
  • T: tomato, toad, tiger, table, tail, toy, telephone, tractor, tooth, turtle, tree
  • U: umbrella, underwear, unicorn
  • V: vase, vest, vegetable, van, volcano, violin
  • W: wand, walrus, whale, white, watermelon, worm
  • X: x-ray, xylophone
  • Y: yoyo, yellow
  • Z: zebra, zero, zig zag, zip

Have fun!

*This post is sponsored by NutriDay Junior.

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