Mother’s Day is going to look a little different without the big family lunch this year, but Dad is making up for it and has taken the boys under his wing to teach them one of my love languages – acts of service! Spending all our time at home has really drawn attention to all the DIY jobs that need to be done around the house and my patience for waiting for my man to get to ‘the list’ has been wearing pretty thin.

That’s why I was more than a little excited when I saw Ryan go to the garage to fetch his toolbox and drill. This past week alone he has hung frames, put up a shelf as well as roped the boys in to help him patch up and paint our stoep. It’s never too early for kids to learn to speak their mom’s love language. Our home is looking good and I have a happy heart.

The boys are big fans of NESTLÉ NESPRAY FORTIGROW and so a glass of goodness went down well after all their hard work. Although some of you may not have considered powdered milk for your kids before, this is a great daily drink for kids aged five to fourteen or can be used as an alternative if you run out of fresh milk. It’s made locally with fresh cow’s milk plus it includes a unique blend of brain support nutrients, immune support nutrients and growth builders which is vital to ensuring healthy growing minds. Simply add cool boiled water to the powdered milk and you’re good to go plus it keeps fresh in your cupboard for 3 weeks once opened so no need for frequent trips to the shop during lockdown.

Since the kids won’t be coming home from school with any handmade crafts from school this year, Ryan also helped the kids make me some Mother’s Day vouchers this weekend. I took a little sneak peak at their creations to snap some photos but I can’t wait for Sunday to read them all properly. It looks like I have some tea, naps and screen time to look forward to, lucky me!

Motherhood looks different for everyone, feels different for everyone and means something different for everyone but I hope you all feel loved and appreciated this lockdown Mother’s Day.

*This post is sponsored by NESTLÉ NESPRAY FORTIGROW

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