Hi there lovely people.

Through this blog I’m going to share my journey of joy in starting and growing a family through adoption. There are unwelcome frustrations along the way too, but mostly these are admin-related and mostly there is MUCH joy! The kind of joy that squeezes you tightly at 05h30 in the morning and kisses you with snotty smooches. What a pleasure. My heart is to start conversations around this topic and to make adoption more ‘normal’ by creating a network for adoptive moms to share their stories, be encouraged and also feel part of the ‘mommy community’.

My husband, Ryan, and I are proud parents of three of the best kids. Ilan is four and the cuddler in the family – he enjoys ‘dancing like a Zulu’, riding his bike dangerously down hills and being a big brother to ‘the kids’ as he calls them. He summons the family together for ‘family hugs’ most mornings. Kira is two and is a real busybody – she likes to pull out her beautifully braided hair at the very first opportunity, has a deep belly laugh and has eyes only for her brothers. Judah is sixteen months and a new addition to the family – he is a gentle soul with a dimpled smile that can knock your socks off. We’re a family pieced together through adoption.

We discussed our shared heart for adoption before we got married and when we felt ready to start a family, adoption was our number one choice. It helped that we’d seen adoption played out in other families and that we were able to discuss adoption with parents who had pioneered into the world of social workers and courtrooms ahead of us. Even though we felt under-qualified as first-time parents-to-be, we were reassured that ANY family is better than NO family for a child who needs a family.

Why ‘Heart Mama Blog’? Moms through adoption often refer to themselves as ‘Heart Mamas’ because even though our kids didn’t grow in our bellies they undoubtedly grew in our hearts.

Welcome to my blog.








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  1. I was just browsing your website Jules, and thinking what a good job you have done. My only suggestion would be to update your personal bio page to include Judah. As a third child myself, I feel I have to campaign on his behalf! 😉

  2. I have followed you for a while. You are an inspiration ; enjoy the articles you share. I am an adoptive mom to a feisty fearless girl , Zoya who turns three in July. She came home to me when she was 4 months old.

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